Single Animal Scale

The single animal scale has proven itself for over 20 years. The solid construction of the load bars allows them to withstand the pounding of a restless animal over and over again. Their simple installation and compatibility with any standard indicator make them a practical choice. The load bars have the capability to mount under almost any cattle squeeze, hog crate, feed hopper, or custom platform and they can withstand anywhere from 2500 lbs to 10,000 lbs of pressure.
* Ask about the portable cage and trailer.


•3 weighing capacities available: 2500lbs, 5000lbs, or 10,000lbs
•Mount under almost any cattle squeeze, hog crate, feed hopper, or custom platform
•Load cells are rubber epoxy coated for permanent outdoor installation.
•Lock-on feature guarantees exact weights.
•AC/battery operated indicator (indicator comes with scale package)

Industrial Scale Ltd. carries the most versatile multiple animal scales on the planet! The portability options of these scales allow for accurate weighing anytime, anywhere. These scales are tested and true in the harshest conditions, making them a perfect fit for the prairies.

Multiple Animal Scale

A number of dimension options are available to accommodate for both small and large groups of animals. The dimensions range from 7’ x 13’6 to 8’ x 20’2” with carrying capacities ranging up to 20,000lbs (9000kgs).
Multiple Animal Scales also offer a weighing center that provides legal tickets with all of the pertinent information. The weather-proof enclosure protects the instrumentation and printer from moisture and dust.


•Mobile and Portable options
•Range of dimensions from 7’ x 13’6” to 8’ x 20’2”
•Weighing capacities up to 20,000lbs
•Gates at both ends of the scale for easy access and exit for the animals.
•Manual lift/lower levers for applying and removing the weight from the load cells.
•Low-profile platform for quick, easy, and safe loading and unloading of animals.
•Weatherproof Onboard Control Center allows the operator to view the load weight and print legal tickets right on the spot.

*Legal-for-Trade option (both the mobile and portable options are Approved for Trade in Canada