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Front End Loader Scales

Industrial Scale Ltd. is Saskatchewan’s Authorized Distributor of VEI Wheel Loader Scales. VEI is an Italian-based company that has been producing quality on-board weighing products for nearly 20 years. The wheel loader scales are one of their most popular and efficient products. They are leaders in the industry when it comes to technology and user-friendly products. Odds are that you will not be able to find a model of wheel loader throughout the world that VEI has not placed a scale on. These wheel loader scales are ideal for any industry where knowing and keeping track of product weight is necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, industries dealing with rock, asphalt, cement, recycling, paper and wood, food, fertilizers and road salt. Businesses that this affects is construction companies, quarries, mines, landscapers, recycling/waste management and salting companies. The “weighing in-motion” feature is one of many bonuses that makes these scales a must-have and sets them apart from the rest of the loader scale companies. Please see below for a few of the key features and options that are available with the VEI Wheel Loader Scales. Contact us with any questions you may have and for a free demonstration, where you can see for yourself how much a VEI Wheel Loader Scale will help you and your company save money!
Five major reasons why you should have a Wheel Loader Scale:
•Optimize vehicle loads
•Prevent highway violations
•Speed up the loading process
•Know the exact production of your wheel loader
•Inventory control


•Industry-leading accuracy, warranty, and durability.
•Quick accurate readouts in the cab of the loader with printer option.
•Memory storage for customer and product information.
•Net and Gross weighing.
•Wireless indicator eliminates worry and dangers of extra wiring. Real-time tip-off function.
•Large LED Display
•Zero/Tare functions
•Legal-for-Trade options
* Features/Options may vary depending on model.