Balance scales

Laboratory Balances

Industrial Scale Ltd. offers a wide variety of lab balances, both mechanical and electrical, that meet and exceed the precision requirements that are necessary in any lab. With capacities ranging from 120g to 30kg, and readabilities as low as 0.001g, we have every option to fill your weighing needs. Many lab balances offer an interface that allows you to connect to a printer or your PC and transfer the data as required. The easy operation and air-tight design of the balances make them ideal in almost any condition or situation.


•Mechanical/electrical options available
•Capacities ranging from 120g to 30kg
•Readabilities as low as 0.001g
•Internal calibration options
•Tare/zero functions
•RS-232 port for connection to a printer or PC
•Draft shields available on some scales to eliminate the effect that air movement has on the measurement

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