Belt Conveyor Scales

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Industrial Scale Ltd. provides some of the best belt scales in North America. Ideal for a wide range of product lines, including rock, asphalt, cement, paper and wood, fertilizer, and for the food industry, belt scales will display immediate results for your business. With its durable construction and versatility to work in any condition, the belt scale will provide years of trouble-free operation that will leave you wondering how you survived without it.
Some great features of the belt scale include three types of speed sensors available to accommodate for various belt configurations, a multiple interface network allowing connection to multiple belt scales through a single transmitter, and an easy-to-read display with programming options to obtain the data that you require. A number of great options are available with your belt scale. One is the angle compensator which automatically corrects the scale to match the conveyor incline angle, saving you time and removing the uncertainty of having to re-calibrate every time the conveyor angle is altered. Another option is having your scale become wireless, which removes the mess of cords and conduit that can be hazardous and inconvenient. You can also connect a printer or PC to the indicator allowing you to transfer critical data to a hard copy or database. Legal-for-Trade options are available!


•Accommodates for various belt widths
•Highly accurate (+/-0.5% on approved applications)
•Angle compensator option
•Wireless option
•Ability to operate up to 4 scale with 1 indicator
•Multiple speed sensors to accommodate for various belt configurations

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