Bench Scales

Industrial Scale Ltd. offers a complete line of bench scales that are built for a variety of weighing needs. Areas in which bench scales can be used, but are not limited to, include shipping and receiving, food preparation, and quality control.
Bench Scales come with a mild steel or stainless steel platform ranging in size from 6” x 6” to 36” x 36” and can carry a capacity of up to 1000 lbs. Portable bench scales are an option making them very versatile and unlimited as to where they are used.
*Some bench scales can be connected to printers and/or computers in order to produce readouts and track results more efficiently.


•Capacities ranging up to 1000 lbs
•Large stainless steel platter (up to 36” x 36”)
•Lb/kg conversion keys
•AC/Battery operation (Rechargeable batteries an option in some models)
•Large LED Display
•Zero/Tare functions
•RS232 interface for compatibility with your PC or Printer
•Legal-for-Trade options
* Features/Options may vary depending on model

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