Hopper and Tank Scales

Industrial Scale Ltd. provides load cells with mounts that fit under any style of hopper or tank to suit any application including fertilizer, grain, wineries and breweries, soap, oil, paint, glass, chemical, and mineral plants. The load cells and mounts are placed between the legs of your hopper and your platform or piles. Legal-for-Trade certification is an option. The accurate weighing ability of these load cells alleviates the worry of shorting your customer or yourself in trade applications. The money and headaches you will save from having an accurate hopper scale will more than pay for the scale itself in a short period of time. These durable hopper scales can withstand capacities up to 300,000lbs.


•Load cell kits to suit any application where a hopper is used
•Capacities reaching 300,000lbs
•Ability to perform in harsh environments
•Option for thermal expansion and contraction adaptation in static weighing conditions
•Legal-for-Trade capabilities

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