Counting Scales

Never sell yourself short again. Count on Industrial Scale Ltd. to make sure you are receiving the accuracy you require when weighing and counting parts for inventory or for sale.
Industrial Scale’s complete line of counting scales will allow you to customize your scale to obtain the information you need. Some of the valuable features that counting scales offer include high counting resolutions, memory locations (for storing product information), portability options, and compatibility with your printer or PC.
Some counting scales have the capacity to store 2000 items in their memory and have resolutions as high as 1:3,000,000. These functions are ideal for weighing and counting small parts such as nails, screws, or light plastic pieces


•1:3,000,000 internal resolution
•1:1,000,000 counting resolution
•Up to 1MB of memory (potentially store 2000 items)
•AC/Battery operation (internal rechargeable battery options)
•Lb/kg unit selection
•Tare/zero buttons
•Remote scale capabilities
•RS232 interface for compatibility with your PC or Printer
•Minimum resolutions as low as 0.00002lb/0.00001kg
•Up to 60kg/120lb capacity
*Features/Options may vary depending on model.

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