Permanent Truck Scales

Whether permanent or portable, Industrial Scale’s truck scales are built to last. The base of the scale is made of solid steel along with a support structure that is second to none when it comes to durability. This solid frame allows the scales to withstand the most demanding of conditions.
The permanent scales have full scale capacities up to 270,000lbs and range in length from 10 feet to 117 feet to accommodate for multiple axle trucks. The low-profile of the scales make for easy access and limit the amount of money placed into developing access ramps.


•Pit scales available
•Full-scale capacities up to 270,000lbs
•Scales available in 10’, 11’, 12’, and 14’ widths
•Range of lengths from 10’ to 117’
•Choice of concrete or steel deck construction
•Heavy-duty hinge connectors allow for easy expansion of your scale as your business grows
•Receive assistance in determining the proper foundation type to match your soil conditions
•Complete your scale with range of accessories including indicators, printers, remote displays, traffic lights and software applications for entering data into your system Legal-for-trade

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