Remote Displays

Industrial Scale Ltd. offers remote displays to make your weighing more convenient and efficient. With digit sizes ranging from 2” to 6.5” high, it is possible to view the weight display from as far away as 300 ft. The option of traffic light controls manages the flow of traffic through your business so time is optimized. The optional stainless steel enclosure and wireless capabilities allows you to place your remote display almost anywhere and keep your operation running smooth.


•Digit heights ranging from 2” to 6.5”
•Viewing ranges up to 300 ft. from the remote display
•Traffic light controls (red and green) for managing traffic flow and providing cues for equipment operators
•Axle-weighing program for totaling up axle weights on a multi-axle unit
•Mirrored display mode makes for easy viewing through side mirror
•Wireless options available
•Hold weight
•Stainless steel enclosure option
•Multi-drop capabilities: run up to eight scoreboards from a single serial connection

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